What Is Equipilates™?

I often get asked what difference there is between classical Pilates and Equipilates™. People often wonder whether it is just a normal Pilates with a funky horsey prefix.

This is partly true. Like Pilates, Equipilates™ focuses on improving flexibility, building strength, developing control and endurance throughout the human body. It emphasises alignment, breathing, and developing a strong powerhouse. In addition to promoting coordination and balance, it aims to achieve better communication between the body and mind. But Equipilates™ goes a little deeper. It is a unique approach to developing a harmonious relationship between the horse and the rider.

Founded by Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, Equipilates™ focuses on the riders ‘form’, that is, how the body looks and its alignment, and how the rider ‘functions’, that is, how the body works inside biomechanically, which includes all the joints, muscles and nerves. Equipilates™ combines antispasm and mobilisation exercises with work on physical balance and strength, and the release of overused and under stretched muscles. All of this will work towards improving your poise, performance and partnership with your horse.

Equipilates™ is a unique training approach to improving your balance, body co-ordination and awareness on your horse. By using some Pilates exercises and body and mind techniques designed for riders it will help you to become a more elegant rider and teach you how to switch on the ‘right’ muscles and turn off the ‘wrong’ ones. You will learn how to use your seat independently from your hands and to apply the correct aids for any level of training.

Equipilates™ is suitable for riders of any level and discipline.

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Veronika on an exercise ball